40 Years of Sourcing Experience

Our company has 40 years of sourcing experience in China with direct long-standing relationships with top-tier factories & distributors in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the U.S. We have numerous offices, factories and warehouses in the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China for the past 40 years.

Extensive FMCG History

Flora and our sister companies have represented many world-class brands such as Durex, Dr. Scholl’s, Unilever’s Lipton RTD, Heineken, Evian, Mattel, Philip Morris and many more, all on an exclusive basis in China, including some facilities with as many as 11,000 workers. Flora's chairman previously managed Disney's largest licensee in Asia ex-Japan, which accounted for 50% of Disney Asia's licensing income.

About Flora Med Supplies

Best In Class

Sourcing of materials, import/export, logistics, customs clearance, and working with factories in China are part of our core competencies. Flora only works with the best-in-class FDA/CE certified factories for medical supplies. We access our long-standing relationships and tenured experience to ensure quality and consistency. Our staff is trained to monitor every shipment in both the sourcing country and upon arrival, so our clients know they can rely on our professionalism.

Supplier Partners

Our suppliers are more than just a business relationship. Some of our supplier partners have been working with us for decades. Others are mutually invested with Flora's management in sister companies, so our team works very closely with these partners throughout every process. As a result, Flora has their best pricing and delivery schedules for its clients.

We Provide

Quality: All factories are vetted by the Flora team in-country. All products inspected and approved, tested and FDA/CE certified.
40 years of Local Expertise: Quality Control and Assurance, Social Responsibility and Governance. Shipment, customs clearance by our own team.
Fast and Reliable: Worldwide delivery including Door-to-Door Service.
Deep Knowledge of Local Regulations: Solution-based logistics in an ever-changing regulatory and administrative environment. 


There are a great many questions about our medical supplies and PPE. Please don't hesitate to email us for more details →

  • Why aren't all FLORA products available for purchase for personal use?

    FLORA provides PPE to hospitals and healthcare workers who are in desparate need of these supplies. Under no circumstances can the general public purchase items which are in short-supply and high-demand with those on the front lines. These supplies are in desparate need by healthcare workers who are in high-risk scenarios. If you attempt to purchase these from another supplier, you are not only putting healthcare staff at higher risk, but you endanger the public and your loved ones.

  • Can I donate PPE to healthcare workers in need?

    FLORA donates in-demand personal protective equipement (PPE) to hospitals in its area. You can help that cause by donating to a non-profit like:
    Direct Relief 501(c)3

  • How do I place large orders with FLORA?

    FLORA has dealt with orders for governments and hospitals. We are ready to handle all of your large ordering needs. This service is currently only available for governments, hospitals, other healthcare services, and select essential services.
    Contact us here →