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KN95 (FFP2) Face Masks

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FLORA provides FFP2 (KN95) Face Masks that are FDA-approved and made by CE certified production facilities. We offer these price-competitive supplies. The majority of our supplies are only available to hospitals and healthcare workers. We have a surplus of some items, like KN95 masks & some ASTM level surgical masks that are available for purchase by the general public. Learn more about our masks below.

  • Clearances: FDA / CE
  • SIZES: One Size Fits Most (Adult)


  • Description


    3M® is the world's largest producer of surgical and dust masks. View 3M's comparison between N95 and KN95 (FFP2).

    Filtration Efficiency.  ≥95%.
    Purposes. Indoor & Outdoor Use.
    Filters dust & fluid droplets.
    Filters airborne particles & aerosol - pollen, dust, & microorganisms.
    Sizing. FLORA sells KN95 masks that are adjustable to fit almost any face.
    Children or those with specialized needs should consult a professional.
    Proper Use. Consult a professional to learn proper use and techniques.
    - Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your face mask.
    - Inspect the mask for defects or damage.
    - Plast your face mask onto the face, starting from below the chin.
    - Pull the mask upwards towards the nose and attach the ear straps around your ears.
    - Lightly pinch the optional nose bar around your nose, and check for a tight fit.
    - The mask should feel snug on your face and there should be no gaps between the mask and your skin.
    - With your hands away from your face and mask, breath in and out several times. If gaps appear while breathing, adjust until the seal remains constant.
    - Wash your hands after removing the face mask.
    Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands and never let your face or mouth touch the outside of the mask. Wash your hands early & often when handling.
    Materials. Multi-layer non-woven polypropylene.
    Warnings & Precautions. - Failure to ensure proper facial fit will result in inadequate filtration & protection.
    - Always double check that the mask has formed a snug fit with no gaps when first applying the mask.
    - Your hands can contaminate a clean mask. Wash your hand prior to applying a mask.
    - Masks filter things like pollen, dust, & microorganisms. These can remain on the outside of a mask. Wash your hands after handling or removing a mask.
    - Replace masks if they become damaged or if you feel an increased resistance in breathing.
    - Use duration is recommended at 4 hours.
    - KN95 masks are not washable. If you wash this item, it may become damaged, and its filtration capabilities will be diminished. Washing these masks will cause penetration and damage to the absorption force of filter material.
    - Story in a clean, dry environment (28° to 86° F, Less than 80% Humidity).
    - Keep masks out of direct sunlight.
    - Avoid storage in high temperatures.
    - Avoid chemical pollution.
    Disclaimer. These KN95 masks are not intended for sterile medical environments. They are meant for everyday use. These KN95 masks are not meant to protect users from any specific disease. These KN95 masks are for sanitary and disposable use, thus all sales are final and no returns or refunds are available. These KN95 masks are Made in China. These KN95 masks are CE certified, FDA-cleared and meet GB 2626-2006 compliance standards.
  • Certifications
    Certification Cert. / Product Code
    FDA Cleared. Product Code: KHA FDA Registration & FDA.GOV Listing.
    CE Certified Factory for FFP2 (EN:149-2001)
    KN95 Requirements Passed. GB 2626-2006

Flora Med Supplies Products

We have a FDA approved medical supplies from CE certified production facilities for hospitals and other essential service providers, as well as excess stock of protective equipment available for public purchase.

FDA-Cleared KN95 FAQs

There are a great many questions about our medical supplies and PPE. Please don't hesitate to email us for more details.

  • Why arent all FLORA products available for purchase for personal use?

    FLORA provides PPE to hospitals and healthcare workers who are in desparate need of these supplies. Under no circumstances can the general public purchase items which are in short-supply and high-demand with those on the front lines. These supplies are in desparate need by healthcare workers who are in high-risk scenarios. If you attempt to purchase these from another supplier, you are not only putting healthcare staff at higher risk, but you endanger the public and your loved ones.

  • Can I donate PPE to healthcare workers in need?

    FLORA donates in-demand personal protective equipement (PPE) to hospitals in its area. You can help that cause by donating to a non-profit like:
    Direct Relief 501(c)3

  • KN95 vs. FFP2

    Flora Medical Supplies' KN95 air filter masks are manufactured in China and are CE certified as an FFP2 protective mask (EN 149-2001) and meet KN95-level requirements (GB 2626-2006). FFP2 protective masks have been designated as an "Acceptable Product Classification" under the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on March 28, 2020. Such EUA outlines that FFP2 air filter masks qualify for use by Health Care Personnel, Hospital Purchasing Departments and Distributors, Importers and Commercial Wholesalers, and Any Other Applicable Stakeholders.
    3M®, the world’s largest mask manufacturer, acknowledges that KN95 filter masks are “equivalent” and “can be expected to function very similar” to that of N95 masks.